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ROMANIA - The Mausoleum of MĂRĂȘEȘTI

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   The BATTLE of MĂRĂȘEȘTI (6 August 1917 – 3 September 1917) was the last major battle between the GERMAN EMPIRE and the KINGDOM of ROMANIA on the Romanian front during WORLD WAR I.
  ROMANIA was mostly occupied by the CENTRAL POWERS, but the BATTLE of MĂRĂȘEȘTI kept the northern region of the country free from occupation.
     On 16 August Romanian troops checked a German advance north of PANCIU.
   Guided by aircraft and balloons observation, the Romanian artillery inflicted heavy losses in combat and materiel.
   This was the most important battle ever fought by the Romanian Army, along a front of 30 km. German casualties (killed, wounded and missing) amounted to around 60,000 men, while Romanian casualties amounted to 27,000 (Wikipedia).


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