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ITALY - Trajan's Column of Rome (I)

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   Today you watch a slideshow with the story of the brave DACIAN PEOPLE, ancestor of today's Romanians, the only conquered people by the ROMAN EMPIRE, who had the privilege of being represented with honor and respect for their bravery and spirit of sacrifice, for the honor and dignity with which they fought for the defense of their homeland, on a monument that glorifies deeds to one of the emperors of ancient ROME, left to this day in the midst of the ruins of the two thousand year history of a bygone civilization.
    Since the reign of BUREBISTA, considered to be the greatest DACIAN KING — who ruled between 82 BC and 44 BC — the DACIANS had represented a big threat for the ROMAN EMPIRE.
    TRAJAN'S COLUMN constructed of the architect APOLLODORUS of DAMASCUS at the order of the ROMAN SENATE in AD 113, commemorates emperor TRAJAN's victory in the DACIAN WARS (101–102 and 105-106).
    The structure is about 35 metres including its large pedestal. The shaft is made from a series of 20 colossal Carrara with a diameter of 3.7 metres. The 190 metre frieze winds around the shaft 23 times. Inside the shaft, a spiral staircase of 185 steps provides access to a viewing deck at the top.
    After construction, a statue of TRAJAN was put in place; this disappeared in the Middle Ages. On December 4, 1587, the top was crowned with a bronze figure of SAINT PETER the Apostle by POPE SIXTUS V, which remains to this day.
      Great care was taken to distinguish the men and women from both sides of the campaign as well as the ranks within these distinct groups.
     On the column is one of the most unusual, disturbing, and violent depictions of women in Roman art, the torture scene. In this unusual scene, four DACIAN WOMEN are depicted torturing some Roman fighters
  Thanks to the treason of a confidant of the DACIAN KING, the Romans found DECEBALUS's treasure - a fortune estimated at 165,500 kg of gold and 331,000 kg of silver.
   The conclusion of the DACIAN WARS marked a triumph for Rome and its armies. TRAJAN announced 123 days of celebrations throughout the EMPIRE. DACIA's rich gold mines were secured and it is estimated that DACIA then contributed 700 million Denarii per annum to the Roman economy, providing finance for ROME's future campaigns and assisting with the rapid expansion of ROMAN towns throughout EUROPE (Wikipedia)


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