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ROMANIA – Tropeaum Traiani Fortress

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   TROPAEUM TRAIANI FORT from ADAMCLISI is one of the most appreciated tourist attractions in ROMANIA.
   The fortified Roman city was one of the most important economic, political and religious centers in ancient DOBROGEA, within the provinces MOESIA INFERIOR and SCYTHIA MINOR of the 2nd century AD.
   The CITY was founded by the emperor MARCUS ULPIUS TRAIANUS, victorious in the battles with the Geto-Dacians (the ancestors of today's Romanians) south of the DANUBE, at NIKOPOLIS and TROPAEUM TRAIANI, in the winter of 101-102 AD, on the site of a Geto- Dacians (natives of these places).
   It is the largest Roman civilian settlement in ancient DOBROGEA, which was built on the orders of the emperor, for the families of veterans who participated in the Dacian wars.
   The victory, with very high human losses (more than 4000 fighters), went to the Romans, who built in the year 109, the TRAIAN TRIUMPH MONUMENT, on the hill near the fortress.


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