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Sri Lanka Peradeniya6 Royal Botanic Gardens

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A tourist attraction for sure with a long and grandiose history of colonialism, a monument of Kandyan King Wickramabahu III in the 14th century is the horse shoe- shaped Royal Botanic Gardens, Peradeniya situated on 147 acres, a significant national asset to Sri Lanka.
A place not to be missed, the Royal Botanic Gardens has flourished since 1371 and stands today to tell its visitors and Botanists interesting facts about its age-old trees and plants a unique marvel of Lankan history unfolded within the precincts of its lustrous greenery.
With over 1.4 million people visiting the Royal Botanic Gardens annually in addition to the 5 per cent school children, I am certain history enthusiasts around the world would love to see some of the memorial trees in the Gardens as well as some of the oldest and rarest trees one could find just one of a kind in Sri Lanka. (Director of the Royal Botanical Gardens, Peradeniya)




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