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   SLĂNIC mine is an old salt mine, located in SLĂNIC, PRAHOVA County, ROMANIA, 100 km north of BUCHAREST.
  The salt mine is closed for extraction purposes, but is open for visitors, featuring a microclimate with natural air-conditioning and constant temperature and atmospheric pressure throughout the year.
   Many of the visitors come for its supposed healing effects due to the purity of the air. Throughout the mine you will find various types of equipment for recreational activity such as playground equipment and some ping-pong tables.
  One area is sectioned off and is used for medical patients with lung cancer to come and rest in.
   The work for the opening of the UNIREA salt mine started in 1938 and the exploitation of the salt from this mine was performed between 1943-1970.
   The mine is composed of 14 chambers with trapezoidal profiles, having a 10 m opening to the ceiling and 32 m to the ground, a height of 54-70 m and a wall inclination angle of 60 degrees.
   The shore difference between the surface and the base of the mine is of 208-210 m.
The excavated space occupies a volume of 2.9 million m³ and it is extended on a surface of 78,000 m².
   Since 1970, the mine has become a tourist attraction, offering exceptional natural conditions as a result of its microclimate, rich in aerosols, which some believe effective in treating Respiratory disease.
   The air-conditioning of the mine is natural, with a constant temperature during the whole year of 12 °C.


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