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bulgaria - Romanian Language Day in the city of Vidin

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  The ROMANIAN LANGUAGE DAY is a public holiday of ROMANIA celebrated every 31 August. It is a Romance language, being part of the same linguistic family as the French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish languages.
   The holiday was first proposed in 2011, when MPs of the Romanian Parliament from all political parties submitted a request to the Senate to make 31 August the „Romanian Language Day”. Earlier, in the same year, organizations and Associations of Romanians in Bulgaria, Hungary, Serbia and Ukraine had already declared 31 August as such, starting to celebrate it in 2012 and asking the Romanian state to also recognize the holiday.
   This one it can be celebrated by national public authorities and foreign diplomatic missions, which may organize cultural and educational events of a scientific or „evocative” character.
   A holiday celebrating the Romanian language had been enacted long before in 23 June 1990 in R. MOLDOVA. It was named „Limba noastră cea română” („Our Romanian Language”), but its name was changed in 1994 to simply „Limba noastră”.
    Cultural organizations also ensure that Romanian diaspora communities can also celebrate the holiday. This has been the case in VIDIN/Bulgaria, ZAKARPATTIA/Ukraine, the TIMOK VALLEY and VOJVODINA (Serbia) and MÉHKERÉK/Hungary (Wikipedia).


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