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VALEA ȘESII - the color of a disaster

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   Once, GEAMĂNA was a village in the Apuseni Mountains. Now is covered almost entirely by waste from the copper career from Rosia Poieni. Locals were forced to move away from year to year above the center of the village, to escape the invasion of tailing dam that in time covered their church, their cemetery, the dam just swallowed them.
   Dam from GEAMANA has an area of about 130 ha. Tailings resulting from the copper mine from ROSIA POIENI is spilled in SESIA VALLEY, which was once the village GEAMĂNA.
   Reservoir exploitation began in 1978, and copper production in 1983. Is a pond valley opened with a single dam built of rocks. Water passing underneath the dump and get the pond has a pH between 1.5 to 2, the colors of metals (Cu, Fe, Cr, Zn, As, Mn, etc.). A toxic substance found out in the tailings dam at GEAMANA 
is cadmium that exceedes even ten times the normal values (i.s.).


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